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Standard Specifications for Industrial Chainlink Fence

Spec.No Gauge Mesh Terminal Posts O.D.Intermediate Posts O.D.Top Rail O.D.TypeRecommended Application
162″3 1/2″2 3/8″1 11/16″FFH or BWOHeavy Industrial
292″3 1/2″2 3/8″1 11/16″FFH or BWOIndustrial or Commercial
392″2 3/8″1 7/8″1 5/16″FFH or BWOLight Industrial or Commercial
491 1/2″3 1/2″2 3/8″1 11/16″FFH or BWOIndustrial or Commercial Including Tennis Court


Residential Specifications

There are no national standards or specifications for residential chainlink fence.
Please see Residential Fencing - Styles and Features/Specifications for our recommended specifications.

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