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Residential Fence Kits (Do-it-Yourself Cash and Carry)

Made to Measure Residential FenceWe sell residential fence kits by the foot - they are made to measure! Unlike other outlets that force you to buy a full 50' roll even if you only need an additional 5', we will sell you exactly the amount you need. This eliminates waste and excess cost to you. Our kits come complete with chainlink fabric, posts, top rail, fittings, bottom wire and ties.

Before ordering your fence kit, you can view sample fence installations in our showroom to get an overview of the different styles and colours available. Simply bring in your dimensions and we will sell you the exact amount of materials that you will need. We can make up your custom fence kit while you wait or phone ahead to ensure prompt pick-up. We can supply you with instructions and expert guidance on how best to build your fence.

We also have a How To Section web page that has instructions on how to install your residential fence as well as how to splice chainlink fabric and make angle stretches.


Residential chainlink fence comes in many different styles and colours
2x9 Brown Vinyl 2x9 White Vinyl 2x11 Galvanized
2" mesh x 9 gauge brown vinyl
2" mesh x 9 gauge white vinyl 2" mesh x 11 gauge galvanized
1 1/2x11 Green Vinyl  1/2x9 Black Vinyl
1 1/2" mesh x 11 gauge green vinyl 1 1/2" mesh x 9 gauge black vinyl
  • Weather resistant vinyl covering
  • Galvanized wire core
  • Standard mesh sizes include 2" and 1 1/2"
  • Standard gauges include 11 and 9 gauge
  • Available in 3', 3 1/2', 4', 5' and 6' heights
Fabric / Diamond Size

Diamond size is the distance between the parallel sides of the mesh (inside edges). The smaller the mesh size, the stronger the fence.

We recommend that the size of the diamond not exceed 2" and that for a 2" mesh, the weight of the wire should not be less than 9 gauge vinyl coated or 11 gauge galvanized wire.

The City of Toronto by-law for swimming pool enclosures requires that the size of the diamond not exceed 1 1/2" and that the weight of the wire may not be less than 11 gauge vinyl coated. 1 1/2" mesh is also available in a much stronger 9 gauge vinyl coated wire size as well.

Fabric Mesh Size
Fabric mesh sixe
Wire Gauge/ Diameter
Gauge        Diameter
Wire gauge diameter


Residential Galvalume Tubing

Tubing size is measured by the outside diameter. Tubing is used for both the top rail of the fence as well as the posts. It is available in pre-cut lengths for fence heights of 3' to 6'.

Tubing Diameter Gauge Wall Thickness
Top Rail
(3' - 6' fence)
1 1/4" 17 .057"
Line Posts
(3' - 5' fence)
1 1/2" 17 .057"
Line Posts
(6' fence)
1 7/8" 17 .057"
Terminal Posts
(3' - 5' fence)
1 7/8" 17 .057"
Terminal Posts
(6' fence)
2 3/8″ 17 .057"
Dimension of 1 1/2" Line Post

Line post dimension

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