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Residential Gates

Residential Gates come in the following standard sizes:

  • Heights - 36", 42", 48", 60" and 72"
  • Widths - 3′, 3 ½′, 4′

Gates can be filled with the fabric of your choice:

  • 2" x 9ga., 1 ½" x 11ga. or 1 ½" x 9ga. vinyl
    (colours available include green, black, brown, white)
  • 2" x 11ga. galvanized

Gates can also be custom sized to fit other size openings. Please call for a quote.

How to Measure an Opening for a Gate

When measuring an opening for a gate, we need to know the inside distance between the two posts.

For example:

If the distance between two posts, measured from inside face to inside face, is 36", then this is the distance we need to know. We will allow 2" for the gate hardware. Thus the actual size of the gate will be 34" to fit inside a 36" opening. Do not deduct any amount from the distance to allow for hardware as this is done by us.

If the distance is only 34", then we would remove 2 inches from the gate, resulting in a 32" gate for a 34" opening.

Note that residential gate hardware is only designed to fit 1 7/8" or 2 3/8" posts. Other size posts cannot be accommodated. Larger posts would require an industrial type gate and hardware.

Spring Closures

spring closureSpring closures can be ordered with a residential gate or purchased separately for retrofit on an existing gate. They are normally required for swimming pool installations and are recommended for applications that require a gate to be closed at all times, e.g. to keep pets and children inside a fenced area.

Spring Closure Note: in some applications, the spring closure may need to be installed upside down. This is dependant on which way the gate is hung and swinging. Spring Closure
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