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Quik_RokQUIK-ROK is a chemically engineered hydraulic cement which, when mixed with water, forms a pourable mix whose self-levelling characteristics make it an ideal grouting material.

Controlled expansion enables QUIK-ROK to develop "lock-in" adhesion that can withstand loads in excess of 10,000 psi. It is designed to set within 15 minutes, even in subfreezing temperatures, down to 20 degrees F. Unlike Portland cement, which shrinks as it sets, QUIK-ROK won't loosen, shrink or crack from extreme stresses, vibrations, heat or cold. QUIK-ROK insures maximum impact, compression, tensile and shear strengths.

QUIK-ROK is available in 50 lb. pails.


  • Pre-mixed
  • Fast Set
  • Pourable
  • Self-leveling
  • Exceptional one hour compressive strength
  • Non-shrinking
  • Non-metallic
  • Inorganic



  • Mix clear water with QUIK-ROK - approximately 1 part water to 3-1/2 part's QUIK-ROK by volume. Stir until smooth, avoiding a watery mix. Note: excess water reduces strength, durability and increases set time as with any hydraulic cement. Do not add additional amounts of water as mix begins to set.

  • Prepare only as much QUIK-ROK as will be used in ten minutes.

  • As an additive: substitute QUIK-ROK 15%-50% of the cement content, mix thoroughly with sand and aggregate before adding water (approximately 5 to 10 gallons per 100 pounds of mix.)

  • Do not add calcium chloride or any other type of concrete accelerator to QUIK-ROK. Use warm water if a faster set is required.

  • Mix for 2 – 5 minutes to obtain a “creaming” of the QUIK-ROK® slurry. Mixing must be vigorous; mechanical
    mixing is recommended, particularly for batches over 5 pounds. Resulting physical properties are in direct
    relation to energy input during mixing.

COVERAGE- One 50 lb. pail of QUIK-ROK fills approximately 1/2 cubic foot.



Use QUIK-ROK for anchoring, imbedding, supporting shoring beams, grouting, caulking and for repairing in concrete, steel, stone, brick, tile, plaster, and terrazzo. In addition, it is exceptional for repairing concrete floors in all commercial and industrial buildings.


  • Anchoring forms ties for below grade pours.
  • Anchoring iron and aluminum railings.
  • Setting and grouting precast structural columns.
  • Grouting parking meters, traffic signals, sign posts.
  • Precision and grouting of heavy machinery.
  • Grouting of anchor bolts, dowels, etc

Quik-Rok is not to be used for anchoring balcony railings or other similar life safety structures.


  • Increasing set time and compressive strength of Portland Cement
  • Setting of fence posts.

Additional information and instructions for use (PDF file - requires Acrobat Reader)

MSDS for QUIK-ROK in PDF format (PDF file - requires Acrobat Reader)


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