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How to Install Residential Fencing

Post Hole Footings

  1. Set terminal post 2" higher than height of fence.
    Drive or set line posts, not spaced more than 10' apart, 3" lower than height of fence.
    Use cord for easy alignment.

  2. Install line post caps, then sections of top rail through them. Attach centre band and rail socket assemblies. Where a corner post is involved, use two centre bands. Install one top rail socket in an inverted position to keep the top rail level.

  3. Stretch the bottom wire along the bottom the the fence and secure to terminal posts.
    Attach the chainlink fabric to the terminal posts with draw bars, tension bands and bolts.

  4. Fasten fabric securely to the top rail with aluminum ties at 18" intervals and to line posts at 12" intervals.
    Also fasten fabric to the bottom wire with aluminum bottom wire clips at 18" intervals.

Chainlink Fence with gate

How to Join (Splice) Chainlink Fabric

Splicing Chainlink Fabric

Do not cut the fabric. Untwist top and bottom knuckles and remove spiral like a screw. To splice two pieces together, reverse the procedure.

How to Make an Angle Stretch

Angle Stretch
If you need to stretch chainlink wire up or down an incline, you will need to make an angle stretch. The stretcher bar is inserted through the wire mesh on an angle as illustrated at left. The excess diamonds are cut away and the protruding wires are wrapped around the bar. The steeper the incline, the greater the angle of the bar is to the wire mesh. Also, it is easier to insert the bar on an angle in larger mesh wire, i.e. 2" mesh vs. 1 1/2" mesh.

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