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Overhead Sliding Gate

OverHead Sliding Gate

Cantilever Gate

Cantilever Gate

Above, is an example of a cantilever gate utilizing a heavy duty roller and bracket assembly mounted to the two upright posts.

On the left, is an example of an overhead sliding gate using a heavy duty I-Beam and track roller assembly.

Bottom Track
Cantilever Gate

Cantilever Gate with bottom track

Here is a 'new-style' cantilever gate, also called a bottom track gate. This gate is unique in design in that it has a track mounted to the bottom of the gate frame. Carriage mounted rollers, that are secured to the posts, ride inside the track assembly.

Cantilever Gate Hardware

Gate latch Gate latch catch Roller and bracket
Gate Latch Gate Latch Catch Roller and Bracket
Note: Gate Latch and Gate Latch Catch are common to both cantilever and sliding gate hardware.

Sliding Gate Hardware

Light Duty

Heavy Duty

Lightweight track Lightweight track roller I-beam track track roller
Lightweight Track Lightweight
Track Roller
I-Beam Track Track Roller

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